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isn't it amazing how two neighborhoods can be so different?

I moved into a different neighbourhood about two months ago. Last year during the last snow storm, people came out and watched people try to dig out there cars. Today, I went out to dig out my car, and four people came out to help me! I'm not used to that kind of hospitality. I was wonderful to see that people still try to help there neighbors. In fact the whole town seems to be much nicer than where I used to live.

Have you ever noticed such a big difference in a new neighborhood you just moved into to?

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    The "niceness" of a community depends on the niceness of the people in the community. The media today make it out to seem that all humans are evil and mean but if they looked out the window every now and again they would see the way people are. All it takes to see the good inside someone is to help them out when they need it or to be nice to them. The place you moved from, I'm willing to bet that the neighbors didn't really know either neighbors. They would just assume that they would be better off without knowing those people and then of course since they are just ignoring those people think that they may not be nice people, which starts up being one big circle, that could be stop if someone had the nerve to go over and say hi. The people in your new community seem to have said hi and received a very warm welcome in return, which then makes them want to be nice to their neighbors which start another circle(but this one is a good circle).

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    Well I've only moved two time in my life. The big move was from Germany, to America in Ohio where my fathers family was. We were living in a apartment/condo area. The place was very bad and trashy. I remember these older kids always coming to harass me and pick on me, because I was the shy, quiet girl who liked to show off her talent when possible.

    Then we moved to this neighborhood. Most of the people are nice but they all keep to themselves. Some of the neighbors around here will help when needed, or we do talk and stuff, the neighbors across the street are also very nice. So I understand what you mean. But the thing I never knew was how quiet a neighborhood could be.

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    well it generally depends on what part of neighhood u move into. Generally if you move into a Upper or medium class society they are generally more friendly. Go to rich society then they are "snooby" and lower class is "Dog eat Dog" world in that neighborhood.

    Also depends if you moved into a new or old neighborhood. People of new neighborhoods can be hospitable cuz they are new to and want you to have a good impression of them. Older neighborhoods may do the same but the people generally have already made their allies and enemies and wouldnt want much contact.

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    Well, yes, there are different timbers to different neighborhoods. However, I'd like to venture an idea that perhaps you are an attractive female and the people who helped you might be men. :) Men will watch other men, but help women in a lot of places.

    But you can feel the difference in neighborhoods. Even in one complex - you can find different mixes of people. :)

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    I've been fortunate to almost always live in nice (nice, helpful, friendly people) neighborhoods, but I know what you are talking about.

    I think even a few people can make a difference in how a neighbors reacts to each other.

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    Yes, but just the opposite. My new neighbors are friendly but everyone basically keep to themselves.

    And I prefer it this way. I'm not the neighbor who wants another neighbor popping over to "chat over coffee" or to borrow sugar. I work nights and during the day, I want to relax and sleep!

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    I'm getting ready to move and hope the place I go to is like your neighborhood :)

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    In some neighborhoods, if you are warming up your car in the cold and go inside and wait ...they steal it.

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