Suicide... Confusion..... Everyone welcome? Any experts in this?

I'm 16 y.o male, and don't want to be in a relationship at the moment with any girl. Is this Normal? I find girls attractive and all that but I haven't been in a relationship, so I don't know what to do, and don't think its the right time. I face a lot of depression at the moment for some reason, which I don't know what it is, and I feel I can't be bothered. I need serious help...... Is it hormones or something? At times i feel suicidal and don't know what is happening? Can any professionals/experts help me out on Yahoo by answering this? Am I at the peak of adolescence, which is causing all this confusion? Is this time always troublesome? There isn't no nice girls in my college which I like and girls seem to dislike me for some reason, so I just feel their too much to handle. Please help me!

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    It's not surprising that you don't want to be in a relationship with someone when you've got so much else going on inside.

    Please go talk to someone about this (a counselor). Adolescence causes hormonal fluctuations and mood shifts, but this sounds like more than this - you really sound like you're clinically depressed. So many people your age think that people of the opposite sex just don't like them but that's just not true... THAT part sounds like the regular hormonal stuff. I am sure you are a wonderful person. Please don't give up on yourself - suicide is a choice you can never take back. You are so young and there are so many good times ahead of you. Please find a good counselor, at school or somewhere in your community... and good luck. My thoughts and prayers are going to be with you.

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    Honestly, not having a g/f at your age means you often won't be treated can be tremendously talented at your age and yet ignored b/c you don't have a g/f. And you can go to several professionals who will make you feel better in the short-term, but not help you conquer the core of the problem to improve your own abilities rather than just "ignore your problems and magically be happy".

    The good news is that by the time you are about 23 year old this kind of BS (IE being a "loser" just b/c you aren't hitched somehow) stops...the bad news is the time you need to either wait or push against the grain.

    Best thing to do is screw getting a g/f, get some good friends who have the same problem with girls and have a blast with them. When you are having blast, girls will likely come around and, even if they don't, you'll be getting smarter, sexier, and more talented all the time. Just about the best way to satisfy the b @ stards who may want you to never beat them is commiting suicide, but by getting out there and having a blast you can avoid that and, ultimately, get do credit for becoming smart and strong while the popular guys have been drinking beers and having unprotected sex. Peace and best luck!

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    Despite the common idea that all teenagers are ragingly sexually active at your age many more are not. For a long time the opposite was 'expected'.

    You don't need to have a girlfriend if you don't want to. Simple as that.

    I didn't want a boyfriend when I was your age, my life went on, I've had relationships and now at 28 I'm in a stage where I want to be single again for awhile.

    It's only 'peer pressure', you can decide for yourself.

    You could be depressed. It can happen to anyone, and when it does usually the person wants to be isolated and not very social. Depression also causes low sex drive, unfortunately so do the drugs that treat it (bummer!).

    Suicidal thoughts can come and go at your age, and yes hormones have a lot to do with it. It is hard, being a teenager, hard for everyone. There's a lot of stuff to sort out that you haven't dealt with before.

    The best thing to do is to allow yourself the time. Stay in school so you don't screw up your future, stay alive and don't let suicide be an option for you, and just try to ease up on yourself.

    You aren't everybody else, so don't try to be.

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    Well, you have some anxiety, which is perfectly normal for teenagers, caught as they are between being children and being adults. Some of this uncertainty will clear up over time. Do you masturbate with girls in mind? If not, you could have a very low sex drive, which is abnormal but not in a morally bad sense. You might be deficient in testosterone ( a blood test can tell you this), which could also explain your depression. But depression is a complex thing, and it may have other causes. Thoughts of suicide, however, are not normal, and if they become persistent you need the help of a psychiatrist.

    Source(s): Former nurse
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    Gday 16yo, and WOOHOO! I'm 43. You have shown great courage in asking for help. Dont worry about the girl thing at the moment. Go to your Dr. and ask to be refered to a psychologist. The Dr. might try to offer antidepressants for you and it's up tO you whether you accept them. They do work for some people. But I would recommend you demand to see a psychologist, and be totally honest.It does take a couple of months usually, so in the mean time, try wearing summery coloured clothes to help lift your spirits, and perhaps go to the libary and find or order a book on colour psychology. Winter is a depressing time for alot of people, and it might be affecting yourself; S.A.D. seasonal affected disorder. Good luck and feel free to get in touch if you need to

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    Do what Megan suggests!

    In your situation, YA is not the place to trust advice from people who may or may not be who we say! The organization she cites is one of the best. They are trained to listen without judging and to help you find your answers. You can contact them 24/7.



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    Go get a copy of the movie "Little Miss Sunshine" and watch it. You sound just like one of the people in it.

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    many teenagers have unexplained depression, which may pass. i think you should see a professional. thats the only advice i can really give.

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    Gues you havent found right girl be yourself she will find you have fun be merry

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    there are actual experts who you can call and talk to about everything you just mentioned. they are there especially to listen to everything you have to say.. and to help. please get help before you end up hurting yourself and others who love you!


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