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GCSE Questions, PLease Help Me!!!!?

What Is a Implant? (Used for contraception)

Please Give Advantages And Disadvantages!

And The Same For An Intrauterine Device (IUD) And A Intrauterine System !????? Thankyhoo!!!

PLease excuse My Writing This Is How I Prefer To Type!

And Last;ly Also What Do Yhoo Call The Single Cell That Is The Beginning Of Life,,, Is It A Phoetus Or Something!???

Ta! x

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    Implants and IUDs advantages are that you don't have to think about contraception, and they're highly effective Disadvantages are that they are very expensive to get initially (but cheap in the long run--you're paying for 5 years of treatments in one day), and that if you don't like them, you can't just stop, you have to get them removed. And then if you find that it wasn't causing those problems, you have to get a new one put in again. IUDs are a bit painful to put in, especially if you've never had children. they're also good in that many don't have the same hormonal effects that birth control pills do.

    As for the single cell:

    It's a zygote. It's what is formed after the egg and sperm join. Some call it a fertilized egg, but zygote is more scientific. Then there are a few names for the small collections of cells that form as it grows (blastocoel, blastocyst). Then when the egg implants in the uterine wall, you have an embryo. After 3 months, you have a fetus (also spelled foetus, in the UK).

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