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How Can You Tell Real Diamonds from Fake ones?

My boyfried got me a diamond necklace and i want to see if it's real or not w/ out asking him or going to a jewlery place.

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    There is probably only one thing you can do for yourself if you don't want to get a 3rd party to look at it. You can purchase a diamond tester online. If you decide to do this, make sure you get one that tests between diamonds and moissanite. The testers measure how fast heat is transferred to pinpoint whether the stone is a real diamond or a different material. Normal testers might confuse moissanite with real diamond hence get the one that differentiates between the two. (It will also differentiate between other materials). The other option I would tell you to do is to look at the diamond through a jewelers loupe. Try to look for inclusions in the diamond. I doubt your bf was able to get his hands on synthetic diamonds, so if you can find some feathery looking things (feathers), dark spots/crystals, white dots called pinpoints, cloud-like inclusions (feathers)...etc, these are all signs of a real diamond. Please make sure the stone is clean before doing this because surface oils and dust/dirt can also resemble inclusions to the untrained eye. And finally if you do have a loupe check the facet edges of the diamond (the kite-shapes, rectangular shapes, triangle-shapes...depending on the cut of diamond etc). Diamonds are extremely hard stones...therefore these shapes and edges will be sharp and clear when they are reflecting light (tilt the stone to shoot off light like how when you stand at certain angles and look at a pool of water it becomes like silver and you can't see through it). If the edges look soft and a little rounded, or scratches easily you will know it's not a diamond. You can compare by looking at plastic gemstones through the loupe and checking with something you know is a real diamond. Observe differences. There are a bunch of other ways to tell but that is getting too technical. I hope this helps and I wish you luck!

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    to the previous question, what does weight have to do with diamonds?

    if they are small diamonds it will be hard to tell by an untrained eye. you'll need a loop or a microscope to tell. or they make a diamond probe that senses if it's a real diamond or not. but either way you'll prolly need to go to a jewelry store to find out.

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    well, you cant really....they have these diamonds that are so much like real ones that you can only tell under a certain x-ray machine.

    but i dont no if he got the kind im talking about

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    There's no sure way to tell without going to a jeweler. However, a jeweler could tell you within a matter of minutes - one day when you'er out at the mall without him just pop in to your local chain store....

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    if you are not experienced with diamonds you probably cant tell. and dont try to scratch glass, thats retarded. just take it to a store and they will tell you, thats the only thing to do.

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    bite it real dimonds so hard you can hit them with a hamer they will not break or score if there soft at all not real-plastic-broke with hamer -not real -glass

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