What should I get him for Christmas, to show him I still care?

I have a lot of friends who are guys. According to my friends, my boyfriend thinks I've lost interest in him because I hang out with other guys, sometimes more than him. But i mean, I still love him. What should I give him for Christmas to show him that I still love him? I don't want to get him anything over-the-top, just in case he doesn't put much effort into getting me a present.


OK look, I DO hang out with him. It's not like I'm avoiding him. But we have no classes together and we don't have the same lunch time. We can only hang out after school, but only for a short time because he has baseball practice and I have to help out at my mom's office. And our parents don't approve of our relationship. So we hang out every so often, but we still see each other everyday. And we've known each other since grade school. I know him very well. Next time, just answer my question, instead of critizing me as well.

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    Something simple can send a huge message. Perhaps think about something that will lead to the two of you being together for a future "date".

    Tickets to a concert, a sporting event, New Years Eve Event, etc.. Be sure to include an elaborate "invitation" so he understands that this means time together.

    Gifts are an investment in the relationship. If he gets you nothing perhaps he will make up for that when you use your gift to him.

    I hope this gives you some ideas.

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    If you want to show him you care, a present doesn't really do that.

    But the only relationship between presents and caring is that you put thought into what he would like. You give him something that pleases him. That takes knowing him well enough to know what would please him that he doesn't already have.

    Avoiding his company is the opposite of showing him you care. Why can't you hang out with him, as well as your other friends?

    If you never want to spend any time with him, then why do you say you care?

    If you don't even know anything about him to know what sort of gift he'd like, that also suggests you don't really care.

    And if you, who knows him at least somewhat, doesn't know what he'd like, I don't know how you expect a bunch of people who've never even met him to know.

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