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Do you think Bush is block the way for climate change?

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    When he won't even use the term "Global Warming", and his financial wealth is all based in an asset that would be directly impaired if Global Warming became a globally accepted notion - absolutely he is standing in the way.

    Look at his policies and see what you think. During his presidency, he promoted a $4000 tax break for electric run cars. He also promoted up a $100,000 small business tax break for vehicles 6,000 lbs and bigger. $4K vs $100K for a gas guzzler. Hmmmm

    Also, look at what companies are seeing record profits, which type of energy source is seeing its value almost triple, and which country we invaded (although hindsight tells us none of the reasons we went in were actually true).

    Where do you think his priorities lie?

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    A thousand burning Bushes, cannot block Climate change.

    It will happen what ever

    Christopher B and nickel Johan have said it

    If the Environment was of concern ,this would not happen;_ylt=AvF2y...

    The truth is being distorted at high levels,

    And lies have been weaved in.

    Some of the real dangers are being hidden because there are no solutions , Public could panic.and Authorities would loose control .


    Corporations would loose money on the changes once GW becomes accepted officially.

    this is contradictory nevertheless

    Others facts are exaggerated so that the phenomena can be used to milk the people.

    In major first world countries the control seems more interested in Depopulation & Global Control than Global Warming and the masses.

    And that includes the Bushes

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    Of course Bush and even many members of Congress are blocking the way to help stave off climate change! Like what was said previously, much of Bush's and Cheney's wealth is from the oil and gas industry. Now that they've been in office, they've been pushing through energy policies that greatly help the fossil fuel industry and hinder compitition from renewable resources. The longer they can prolong our dependence on these outdated forms of energy, the longer their buddies in the induestry can keep raking in the profits.

    Even the US Senate recently hindered the advancement of renewable energy when they dropped a part of the recent energy bill that would have required more electricity to be generated using renewable methods. Hopefully things will start to change when we elect new leaders in 2008.

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    Global Warming is an international agenda that is focused on reducing the standard of living in the U.S. With the recent satellite imagery that was released by NASA, that clearly indicated growth in the depth and surface area of the Antarctic Ice Cap. How can any self serving Progressive buy into the Global Warming LIE.

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    GW Bush cut the funding of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory

    His policies subsidize more polluting sources of energy such as coal and oil than renewable energies.

    Which side do you think he is protecting?

    Source(s): PS: compared to the US, China has been at least praised for its open attitude by NGO... The US delegation even tried to sabotage the negociation of a framework to stop efficiently the defforastation of tropical forests... I see no interest for the US to do this and this is quite the attitude of a "cartoon vilain".
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