GUYS - have you ever cried over a breakup?

I know this might sound stereotypical, and I really don't want to offend anyone, but I know a lot of girls cry over breakups. I know I do. But I've never heard of a guy crying over it. Guys, do you or have you? If you only have once or twice, what was the story behind that? Thanks everyone.

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    No, I've felt sick for a couple days over a couple breakups, but never actually cried.

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    Yes. Maybe this makes me a wusse? idk, dont really think so, but heres the story.

    I started going out with a girl towards the beginning of school this year. we went out for two months until she finally dumped me (just under two weeks ago). I still liked her very much though so it hurt a lot. Whenever i was in the car for like the next week i would try to find the saddest songs on the radio and just listen to then. often once i got home i would sit in my car and just cry, letting it all out. I have pretty much gotten over her by now. But this weekend it really hurt again because she got with another guy. I know we're not going out anymore, but it still hurt a lot, especially because i am good friends with that guy.

    But to answer your question in a few words without the whole story: yes, some boys do cry over ended relationships, and i am one of them

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    I have. I cried after my first love of course. I dont think that one needs an explaination.

    I also cried after I broke up with another girl who i was very close to. I wont go into the whole story, but i found out that after i had broken up with her she was already thinking about another guy she used to like and that really hurt me.

    My Solution???? I bawled like a little girl

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    im not a guy but ive seen and had a couple of my guys friends telling me how much they cried over a break-up or if stuffs not going right...

    i think it takes a real man to cry...unless hes gay haha :P

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    well i havent but with the girl i am i have cry for her cuz i love her alot like we arent going to be able to see each other we are like break up then we start crying cuz we love each toher and she is the first girl i have cry for and the rest i havent thats weird maybe cuz i really love the one i am with

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