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Xbox 360 warranty?

My 360 has not been working. It would have sound and no video. I had tried everything and nothing and as a last resort befor I fork over money to get mine repaired (no warranty and no 3 red lights) i tried the towel trick. It worked and I played in foe a couple hours. It still works today but I know this is only a temperrary fix.

If I keep doing this what will happen?

Will it cause the 3 red lights and if so can I still get it fixed for free or will it void the warranty?

How long does it take to get back?

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    i did fix it myself manually and didn't give it back to microsoft

    its easy and you can do it yourself look at that website

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    I've had a couple of 360's replaced under warranty when they got the 'red ring of doom' now I use an Intercooler fan pack on the back to keep things happier inside.

    If you've got sound then the 360 seems to be functioning but if it's a video problem then it could be either the cable (I don't know if you're using HDMI connections or the component set). Remove the cable from both the 360 and the display, clean the contacts (either with compressed air or a contact cleaning solution from any electrical store) and when you reconnect it make sure everything is seated properly.

    If you've got any doubts I've always found the Xbox support line to be really helpful, give them a call and see what they advise.

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