Question related to MIL and leaving my kids if "I" holiday! (serious..)?

I have always wanted to go on a holiday .. as all of us.. my spouse is overseas for work & i can join him next week and come in 6-7 days of time!

im a little reluctant in leaving my kids (2 y/o twins ) with my in laws but its understood that they shall stay there!!!

Now ..the prob is .. the my MIL said to me .."" that if you feel uncomfortable leaving kids with me you can leave them with your parents"

well thats an idea! but i cannot grab this oppurtunity cos then its rubbing mud on my face ... she is going to show me as " ha my DIL doesnt count on me

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    Since you are going for 6-7 days, perhaps you can consider letting both your mother in law and your mom taking the responsibility 50/50. So, your mother in law can have them for the first 3 days, then your parents can have them for the next 3 days. This way you can be a little more comfortable about going and your kids can have fun with both set of grandparents! At the same time, your mother in law may not be offended since you will make it clear to her that you trust her as much as you trust your own mom.

    Good luck!

  • Lady M
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    1 decade ago

    Leave them with the mother in law. She seems the "doting" type, so you wouldn't have to worry about them being taken care of. Show her you trust her, it will pay off for you down the road. ...And don't forget to thank her for helping out so you could spend time with your husband.

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