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should i have an abortion?

ok i am 14 adn just got preg. with my second child...should i have an abortion or what should i do?

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    So, you think you made a mistake, it is not your child's fault and you should not take an Innocent life, because of your actions!

    Think about what is best for your baby!

    I mean how would you like it if when you were a baby in your mothers womb she just decided that she didn't feel like having you or taking up the responsibility of a kid and made the irresponsible decision of taking an Innocent life... yours.

    Adoption is probably the best way to go and think of your child not you.

    You made your bed now lay in it!!

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    honestly i think you should have an abortion, beause there is no way that you can be responsible for a child. but where is your first kid? if this is your second abortion i think you should also have your tubes tied or use some other kind of permanent birth control, not just the pill cuz you obviously arent responsible enough to remember to take the pill every day. im telling you tho- having an abortion is no easy choice. thing hard about it. if you were able to provide for your first kid then maybe you should keep this one. i know things happen sometimes that arent expected, **** happens, but seriously- youre 14 and this has happened twice? and you have to go on yahoo answers to figure out how to deal with it? you need to find an adult- and by adult i mean an older person you trust, not someone who has had more sex than you, sex does not equal being an adult just so you know- and talk to that person, i think this goes beyond just getting yourself pregnant

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    you know this decision is totally up to u. when i was 18 i found outi was pregnant and was gonna have a abortion because i just wasnt ready. with u being 14 and this being ur second child and u not having an abortion with the first one wouldnt it really be unfair? im telling u what to do but there are plently of people out there can not have kids and are willing to adopt. there are such things called open adoptions that let u bee in the childs life even tho they adopted ur child. i thank god everyday for my beautiful daughter and am glad i did not abort. i think u should look into adoptions.

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    So sorry to hear that you are on your 2nd pregnancy and are only 14 years of age. please go to your doctor for advice but remember abortion is murder! Already that baby is alive inside of you and do you have the right to kill it without giving it a chance? Didn't your Mum and Dad give you a chance? If you go ahead and give birth to this baby please then offer him/her up for adoption.

    Please get advice from your parents/ teachers or doctor as you are only a very young teenager and there are so many contraceptives out there that you should or could be using. I do not want to condemn you but you are little more than a child and having unprotected sex is crazy at your age. You have a whole life ahead so Stop, Think, and Plan what you are doing!

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    What are you doing having sex without protection after already having a child? Did you not learn anything the first time? Don't kill a baby because your to immature to make smart decisions. Have the baby and give it up for adoption. There are a lot of childless couples that want and need a child and will care for the child better than you can. YOu have no job, no health insurance, what is wrong with this picture?

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    Sometimes I wonder abt these questions, if they're really or not. A CHILD should not be having sex because they don't fully understand the consequences of what COULD happen. They just think throwing away a life is convenient. Have the baby and give it up for adoption. Abortion is murder. They rip the baby apart.

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    That's decision is entirely yours! If you feel it would be best for you and your family, then yes. It's a safe procedure with a quick recovery time, but the emotional and psychological effects can be lasting.

    You need to think about what's best for you and your first child. You could consider adoption, but carrying this baby may be hard on your young body especially when you need to care for your child.

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    Sweetie please for your own good don't have an abortion. I know how hard it can be on you later. Like many of the others have said People out there really want kids and can't have them they can also provide for them. I have helped a friend through adoption she has been very happy with her decision it was an open adoption so she still gets to see her little boy and talks to him on the phone and know how great his life is because she choose to give him the best she can. Please take care.

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    Are you stupid no dont kill your baby and u are 14 and already been pregnant twice wow why dont you give birth and then let you baby go to a family that will love you baby like their own but what you should be doing is keeping the baby because you had sex so you need to step up and take responsability for your actions !!!

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    no! why would anyone want to kill their own child? do u really hate ur child so much? i think the best thing to do is to give it up for adoption and maybe even contact the family that adopts it so u can watch ur child grow and keep updated on what the child does. im not trying to be mean or anything but didn't u learn the first time u got pregnant? unless u were raped then that's sad. i suggest talk to ur parents but killing ur own child is not the right thing to do.

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