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how to have sense of humor?

i wanna be a funny person but I need your help through your answers..

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    one word: ALCOHOL!!

    I wasn't funny until I drank my first one. =P

    NOTE: I am not condoning excessive drinking, one beer should be enough to loosen you up.

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    If you have no sense of humor, it's unlikely you can acquire one.

    But you might try noticing what people find funny, and think about why.

    TRYING to be funny usually fails, though.

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    U can be kind to be kind from the bottom of your heart..always wear a smile to the old & the young...listen to them & sympathize with them...try to tell your friends about funny happenings or stories...or u can paraphrase humorous articles or jokes for them...but the most important thing is to love & care for they ll love u.

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    being funny comes naturally, but if u wanna be funny be funny in a good way not in a way that hurts people

    Source(s): ~myself~
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    that's easy

    do things you are afraid to do.

    that's how you get your sense of humor from.

    comedien aren't afraid to fool out of themselves and that's how they get their sense of humor from.

    do things you are afraid of doing. you might think that if you do it it won't be funny but have you tried it first?

    try it and also make fun of yourself. like you can say that "Man! i have the biggest feet in the whole world, did you know this that? i fee like i can smash people with my big fat feet"

    you see, it's that easy. you can celebrities too. But for you to have self confident you have to use yourself first. make fun of yourself, it shows you don't take things too serious and you will be fun and people will find it hard to make fun of you because you already made fun of yourself.

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    1 decade ago

    Your funny already for asking this question. Don't try to be funny just be yourself.

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    1 decade ago

    Be always cool and dont take things serious

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