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Why should I help the poor?

I have to write a 3 paragraph religion assignment on "Why should I help the poor and How I should help the poor". Give me some ideas, thanks.

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    Start with the golden rule: "Do unto others...

    Talk about how you feel stronger when you can help someone.

    And talk about how if we don't help the poor, the poor population will grow and grow and things will spin out of control. we could end up like a 3rd world country if we cut off all help to the poor.

    Also, point out that most of the poor are children and elderly, so they are the weakest members of our society.

    But you might want to say how education is a better way to help the poor because it can help them rise out of poverty better than our only giving handouts and not teaching them to help themselves.

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    first off all, you should start off by saying

    "Poverty is a challenge that faces many people, especially those that live in vast cities. Many people in the city are homeless, may have no job or may even have nothing at all. When people are poor, it is really hard to get out of being poor because most places don’t except people that don’t have any education, or experience, or proper clothes to where to work each day."

    or some thing like that

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    If it's a religion assignment then you should tie it in with whatever religion you are writting about.

    I'm Christian, so from this perspective it's because:

    1. God told us to when he told his disciples to "Tend to his flock"

    2. One of the laws made was: "Treat thy as thy own"

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    Have you never worked in a soup kitchen or a thrift store?

    Go into a rendition of a situation like that.

    Have you or have you not?

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    help them because its good to do and its a good cause and donate to witch ever cause u like the best!

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