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For people who think fishing is okay but hunting is wrong...?

Explain to me why you believe that. Isn't fishing just hunting for fish?

When you hunt with a rifle, you plan to immediately kill an animal for food. When you fish, you hook an animal in the mouth and drag it some distance. You then do your best to keep the wounded animal alive until you clean it (gut and fillet it).

Alternatively, there are people who believe in "catch and release". Personally, I think this is immoral. You are hooking an animal in the mouth, dragging it some distance, and then letting it go again. I've heard of people catching the same fish 2 and 3 times doing this. To me, that's just wrong.

BTW - I like hunting because I like to eat venison, wild turkey, and rabbits. I don't like fishing because I don't like to eat most kinds of fish.

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    As long as you plan on eating what you hunt. We eat a lot of venison in this house--it's better for you than beef and if you cook it properly, it tastes better too. I have no tolerance for trophy hunters or those that kill just for fur

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    Nothing wrong with either one really. I like fish and game. I live in the country so I have both at my fingertips. The only thing I don't approve of is the people who spotlight or hunt from the road. There's no sport in that type of hunting. I myself don't hunt because I don't like to kill anything, but when my son lived home he knew to gut it and dehead it before bringing it in. After that I don't even mind butchering it up. I am a good shot and took the hunting course just to learn about the right way to do it and not be afraid of guns anymore.

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    both are natural and should be done for subsistance, not sport

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