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Is Clinton ahead ONLY because she's female, white & has immense power because of Bill? What about capability?

I'm white, BTW. I would never vote for Hillary. An arrogant, unlikable and inexperienced (YES, INEXPERIENCED, read below please) person is never good at running anything, much less the most powerful country on earth.

So, I direct this question to women, and to a MUCH smaller extent, to racist men who prefer anybody white, man or woman, over a "colored" person, BECAUSE THE ONLY REASON SHE MAY WIN IS FIRST, THE WOMEN'S VOTE, ESPECIALLY WOMEN WHO RESENT MEN, FOR ANY REASON, SECOND the white racist male vote AND THIRD the "convenience" votes, bought by the immense economic power of her husband, of people and corporations expecting something in return, if she is elected.

We all know the "experience" factor is not real. She's been a senator and a president's wife. She's never really run anything (a business, a city, a state, etc.).

So, if you are an anti-Obama person and Clinton supporter, other than gender, race and economic power (influence), what are your reasons to vote for her???

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    *OOPS !!

    Rewrite your question. The polls changed since this posting.

    [perhaps it's wishful thinking on the authors part?]

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    some motives, i think of. a million: Barack is black. those that don't want a President Obama decide directly to think of that the "bitterness" remark is approximately white people in particular, not exceptionally much people in economically stricken cities. 2: No Fox information. Fox information isn't as "uncomplicated and balanced" as they declare to be. they are going to snap at any remark that they'd twist into their whim, and replay an analogous 15-20 2nd sound clip each time they communicate approximately him. 3: Tight common race. Hillary and Obama have a neck and neck contest for his or her social gathering. Pennsylvania has been this relevent as far as a results of fact the common race is going.

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    Hillary has LESS years in elected office than Barack Obama.

    35 years of experience?? Experience of what? Being a presidents wife? Hey I have an idea, let's elect Laura Bush, she has 8 years of experience.

    I know, Hillary apologists will say she was the most active first lady ever and blah blah...

    She was given one major task. Health Care Reform. IT FAILED MISERABLY.

    She is an absolute JOKE.

    NOTE: This is not a PRO Obama post, It's an ANTI-Hillary post.

    Source(s): Reality
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    Your question here itself is proof enough of her capabilities. You are not talking about any other candidates.You don't know it yet. But you adore her at the bottom of your heart. Don't worry so is the case with many others like you.

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    She is ahead in most polls

    So was John Kerry

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