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what can i get this person for secret Santa?

she is 11 she is in the middle of girlygirl and tomboy and the girft can cost to much bc i need five plz help

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    Lip gloss, stuffed animals, a cute purse (it can be cheap, I loved it because I loved it to hide my personal things that I was ashamed of at that age). It would be great if you knew her favorite cartoon character. Other things are clothes, such as shirts, cd's, a gift card, money (my personal favorite). There are the visa, mastercard, or american express gift cards. They are usually in your local grocery store or Wal-mart, they can be used anywhere.

    Source(s): I was eleven some time ago, I remember what I liked.
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    I suggest going to a dollar store and poking around. I know most people mentally connect dollar stores and badly made things, but that's not always true. You could easily make a gift basket for under $15. Just pick a basket, and think about what she would like. Does she like coffee/tea/hot chocolate? They have some surprisingly nice mugs. Does she always have little things on her desk or dresser? Get her one. And of course you can get candy and bags of nuts/chips/trail mix. Then you just arrange the things in the basket along with some tissue paper and it A) Looks amazing. B) Didn't cost you a small fortune. And C) is sure to please if you put thought into it! Good luck and have fun! Happy Holidays!

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    Ask questions approximately their likes and dislikes are bearing directly to presents. in case you're acquaintances with then then that ought to seem organic. in case you do not then ask human beings doing the secret Santa ingredient too what their likes and dislikes are regarding provides besides as a choose checklist so which you will shop it for yet another secret Santa or you should in basic terms toss that one and shop the only you elect. it is basically a factor of a communication.

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    A stationary set, organizer, a cheap videogame, a candy basket set you can make yourself you can make it small, get a small basket get some candy put it in then put the plastic stuff over top of it and get a bow. That doesn't cost much

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    The best way to go is a gift card to a mall or store she really likes

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    get her a christmas stuffed animal (like a REALLY cute penguin);_ylt=Aun73...

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    ... or you could go to a dollar store like dollar tree and get lots of stuff

    shell nvr know!

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    -stationary (pens, note pad, diary, stickers)


    - jewerly (necklace or bracelet maybe? w/e you want)

    Hope these help! merry christmas! x


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    A bottle of lotion?

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