what are good resources for staying in florida in an rv trailer new at this!?

Around St Augustine, sebring also,traveling from WI, 1st and 2nd week of Jan. leaving

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    I am sorry I do not fully understand the question. Are you looking for RV parks in St. Augustine? If so here are some that I recommend:

    Try out the North Beach Camp. They have everything you need for a great trip, and they are near the ocean. They have a store, playground, shower house, Library, game room you name it. It is very clean and in a great location here is their website for more information:


    There is also a KOA campground in St. Augustine. Those are always really nice, and again they have everything you need. This one is only a few minutes away from downtown, and very close to the beach. The people that own it are really nice and can help you out with anything you need just give them a call or check out their site. They have all kinds of activates, a very nice pool. Free wireless internet access and so much more. It really is a nice place.


    I might also check out The Ocean Grove RV Resort. Again another awesome place located just off of A1A and only a few minutes from historic downtown. You are located right there on the beach. Not only do they have RV spots but also homes for rent and more. This is a full service RV park and they have done a wonderful job on keeping the natural surrounding of the area. They have a pool, store, horseshoes, fishing, bike rentals, hot tub, bathhouse, cable, internet and so much more! This place has the most amenities out of all the RV parks in the area.


    There are several websites that list RV parks in St. Augustine and all around the country. You might find these of interest.







    There is so much to do in St. Augustine you really are going to love it. Make sure you take the direct route to any of the campsites. You do not want to be driving an RV downtown in the historic area. Most of the streets are very narrow and hard to drive in an SUV or truck! Be sure to check out St. George Street. Take time to see the Spanish Quarter, really just amazing! Also take a tour of the Castillo De San Marco. You will never forget it. A ghost tour here is always fun, they have riding and walking tours. Great for the whole family. Be sure to check out Scarlet O’Hara’s and for the BEST Breakfast and all around food check out the Oasis. The locals love this place. The Reef restaurant located a little bit out of town is just amazing all the tables have a view of the water. Also be sure to pick up the Big Fat Coupon Book. Trust me it saves you a ton of money on everything. They are free you might be able to get it at the RV park if not check out the visitors center they have them. Be sure to get your gas on the mainland not on the island it is cheaper on the mainland. Also don’t forget to check out the lighthouse and Alligator Farm. Maximo is great!

    Also if you are new to the RV thing pack light, only take what you are going to need. Trust me your space fills up real quick and even quicker when you are buying stuff to bring home. By small versions of everything and get use to going to the grocery store every few days. Trust me in St. Augustine you will be outside a lot so take some party lights, bring some chairs and get ready for a good time. Have a wonderful trip!

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    It's hard to add anything to what Surfjax3 has already sent you.

    Go to www.lightninrv.com and click on 'Rentals' on the menu on the left. Once there, scroll down to the "Special Events Calender" for a great list of events happening all over the country and you might find some good ideas for things to see/do maybe once you're there...or on the way.

    The take a look at 'Travel Links' . You'll find some real fun ones like "The Wackiest Tourist Attractions" & "The Largest Tourist Attractions" in the U.S., but there are some very helpful ones as well. At our 'Campgrounds' link you can check out every campground in the U.S. and Canada.

    St. Augustine is great if you've never been there. Have a great time!

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    Might buy a Woodalls camping book. Most all the RV dealers sell them .It will give you good information on almost all the known RV sites in the USA. Listed by the state and locations within the state.

    Here is a link to view.

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