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need algebra help pleaseee!?

okay, so its a word problem.

candy A costs $2.50 per pound.

candy B costs $4.50 per pound.

ten pounds combined is $37.00.

how many pounds of candy A is in the 10 pound mixture?

okay, so i said x=lbs of candy A and y= lbs of candy B

then for my equations i put


2.5x + 4.5y = 37(10) or 370

then i got y = -x + 10 from the 1st equation and substitited it into the second one.

2.5x + 4.5(-x+10) =370

2.5x - 4.5x +45 =370

-45 -45

2.5x-4.5x= 325


but then if you divide those, its a negative number for x, which is impossible. what did i do wrong??

please help.

thanks in advance.


omg you're right, hahaa.


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    you don't need to multiply the 37 by 10 in the beginning, since the $37 is the cost of ten pounds, not one pound.

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    Go to or just serch algebra answers on google.

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