Sickle Cell Anemia?

I am doing a project on this particular disease and need to know a few things. If you could help me out that would be great. If you answer, please leave a website with the information on it as a source.

1. How are infants tested for sickle cell? What process is used?

2. Is there a way to detect a carrier of the Sickle Cell Trait?

3. What are some ways that are used to treat patients with Sickle Cell?

4. Is it more prominant in a certain sex?

If you answer with a website, please make sure it is a website with answers to my question and dont just send a bunch of random websites.

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    Sickle cell is the #1 genetic blood disease in blacks ( blacks are not the only race to get it).

    As of about 1995 all states test for sickle cell. To test for it blood has to be drawn.

    There is no cure

    because it affects the blood

    folic acid and a new drug called hydroxyurea is used to treat the disease. There are narcotics used to treat the pain people with sickle cell experience. Because it affect the blood and the blood is carried through the body it can cause damage to other organs which may result in needing to take other meds. For example sickle cell people get infections resulting in the need to take antibiotics.

    It is a genetic disorder and it is passed on by both parents.

    As for is it prominent in a certain sex the answer is no, however since there are more females then males.

    My source is me I am 40 with sickle cell and I do public speeches on sickle cell to get people to donate blood. Transfusion are also a treatment since the cells die off quicker then normal cells.

    Before someone read this and judge me realize I am simplifying my answers.

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    Testing is done by doing hemoglobin electrophoresis on a blood sample. A carrier of the trait is detected in the same way. The percentage of sickle cell hemoglobin differs.

    Treatment is by blood transfusion when required. Hydoxyurea is given to increase the amount of fetal hemoglobin and reduce sickling. It is more prevalent in Negroes. There is no sex preponderance.

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    Very smart question. confident, it is going to shrink expression of the sickle cellular anemia trait. The illness in charge for sickle-cellular anemia is an autosomal recessive gene on chromosome 11. someone who gets the defective gene from the two mum and dad develops the disease. someone who gets one defective and one healthful allele continues to be healthful, yet can bypass on the disease - a service. If 2 mom and dad who're vendors have a newborn, there's a a million-in-4 threat of their newborn coming up the disease and a a million-in-2 threat of their newborn purely being a service. The gene is incompletely recessive, so vendors would have some sickle cells. human beings of African ancestry are plenty extra in all probability to hold the trait than human beings of different races, so interracial mating ought to dilute the defective gene and shrink the threat of the finished blown sickle cellular anemia disease.

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