Physics vectors and resultants.?

Amit flies due east from san fran to DC a displacemenet of 5600km he then flies from DC ro boston a displacement of 900km at an angle of 55 degress east of north. What is the total displacement?

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    it is simply an addition of vectors

    from san fran to dc, let it vector A

    from dc to boston, let vector B

    the total displacement, let vector C


    B=(900*sin 55)i +(900*cos 55)j

    i and j are unit vectors

    C = A+B

    C=5600i +737.24i + 516.22j

    C= 6337.24i +516.22j

    to solve for the magnitude of vector C

    /C/ = sqrt(6337.24^2 +516.22^2)


    = 6358.23 km

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