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Can large passenger planes fly in thev stratosphere?

I am in a debate about this, I believe it is no and only spy planes can fly there but my friend thinks otherwise.


by large passenger planes, i am referring to large commercial airlines like American Airlines for example.

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    There are two basic atmospheric layers affecting commercial aviation, the troposphere and the stratosphere. There is a boundary, or transition layer called the tropopause.

    The tropopause marks the boundary between the troposphere and stratosphere. Over the tropics the tropopause is usually found at 50,000 to 60,000 feet, Over the poles the tropopause is usually found at 25,000 to 30,000 feet. The tropopause altitude varies daily based on the jetstream and frontal activity. Pilots use the "trop" to avoid clear air turbulence.

    All commercial aircraft can operate above 30,000 feet, and some even exceed 40,000 feet. Therefore, depending on the location of the aircraft and weather conditions, aircraft can routinely operate in the stratosphere.

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    Yes. The stratosphere is situated between about 6 miles or 31,680 feet and 31 miles altitude above the surface at moderate latitudes, while at the poles it starts at about 5 miles altitude.

    Most passenger planes fly at between 35 and 45,000 feet which is in the stratosphere. Most are capable of climbing to 55,000, but don't because of the time it takes to descend from a loss of cabin pressure. This means normal cruise is always in the Stratosphere.

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    there is extremely some alterations yet a number of the main issues is in simple terms that flying an extremely large commercial plane is a lot extra approximately structures administration than it extremely is approximately flying. lots of the duties of the pilots of a vast commercial plane rarely do any incredibly hands on flying, maximum of it extremely is finding on the instruments, monitoring the gauges and making the perfect modifications. besides in large plane it incredibly is the autopilot which will do the flying and the pilot will in simple terms set the heading. Any plane with extra effective than 19 seats is likewise legally required to have a flight attendent and a relax room. In small plane the pilot can certainly have countless freedom as to the place they decide directly to circulate, yet with ninety 9.9% of commercial flights they are going to be filed as IFR (tool flight regulations) which will propose the plane will maximum in all probability be flying on focused airlines, that are kinda like highways interior the sky. In very undesirable climatic situations such which will require a CAT III ILS physique of strategies (such as clouds precise to the floor and no visibility) the enormous commercial plane will use the autoland characteristic because it extremely is against the regulation for the pilot to habit the landing himself with those situations.

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    Yes its possible, even a glider is able to :-p

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  • tarkill68 has not only given you the correct answer, he has explained it well.

    (are you an instructor tarkill68?)

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