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Economy for the Nobel Prize?

How can an economist win The Nobel Prize? You can find new cures, new invention in biology, chemistry, and science. I do not know how can economy be same as mentioned.

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    The idea of the Nobel Prize in Economics is not to reward people who come up with new ways of making money, but rather to recognize important methodological and theoretical contributions. If you read the works of the individuals being considered for the award, they will often look more like advances in math than anything in the more traditional social sciences. Additionally, the prize seems to be awarded more as an acknowledgment of a lifetime of achievement rather than for a specific development, as it often takes years or decades for a contribution to be widely recognized as being brilliant.

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    Economics is a Nobel Prize catagory because it is a very important science that affects mankind. There is also a catagory for literature ... that doesn't fit your criteria, yet it is there.

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