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Why do you deny we evolved from space aliens?

It is a fact that some people have certain metals in them that have a extraterrestrial origin.

Thousands of people every year are abducted by aliens.

Every religion is false!

Scientology is the real religion.

We base our religion on science.

If you don't believe me then how do you explain the Roswell incident?


This is my first time on line.

So be patient with me.

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    who knows?

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    If you intend to convince anyone you need a stronger argument. Furthermore, if your religion is based on science, you need to strengthen your argument so that someone who actually knows some science will find your argument worth listening to.

    All the elements heavier than hydrogen come from space, synthesized by nuclear reactions in the cores of stars and dispersed into space when those stars explode in supernovae.

    Even those elements which are rare or nonexistent on earth can arrive here by natural processes. Dozens of tons of extraterrestrial material fall on the earth each day as dust and meteorites. It's inevitable that some will wind up in people's bodies.

    So your first "fact" neither supports your own argument nor does it support any argument against any other religion. Similarly, you have failed to provide any argument that connects your assertion regarding alien abductions to the validity or nonvalidity of any religion.

    You might find a more receptive audience for your position when you actually learn how to construct an argument. Citing a "fact" and then saying things are true or false doesn't really do much other than take up space. You might want to learn some science, some basic space, earth and life science at some point, but before then you might want to take a class on debate or philosophy just to learn how argue a position.

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    I'm not sure where to start. One, there is no proof of extraterrestrial life. Two, I have found no proof of metals in anyone and that they are of extraterrestrial origin. Three, the so-called alien abductions are usually very ignorant and superstitious people. Three, well yes all religions are false, however, so is Scientology. Finally, Roswell is a town that had a great deal of economic wealth after the initial stories so they kept trying to increase the belief in alien lifeforms to increase their wealth. The bottom line is that we are alone in this galaxy and another life form would have to travel at near-light speed in order to get here from another galaxy. It's just non-plausible that we are visited by aliens.

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    Scientology is based on the book "Dianetics" by L. Ron Hubbard, a science FICTION writer. FICTION is not real.

    The poorly written book "Dianetics" is actually notes for a SCIENCE FICTION NOVEL that LRH was writing and did not get to complete. "Dianetics" is the description of the religion of LRH's IMAGINARY civilization.

    Real people who actually believe that scientology is anything other than poorly written fiction/notes for a sci-fi novel are TRULY STUPID people.

    Since scientology is the "true" (lol) religion, why can't Xenu cure you STUPID people? Or maybe it is that Xenu is so INSIGNIFICANT himself that the STUPID people are the only ones he can get into his PATHETIC LITTLE CULT-- which is all Scientology is.

    If your so-called "religion" is based on science, you need to find yourself a stronger argument backed up by real scientific evidence and real scientists. And Roswell is NOT science. If you consider it to be such, then you are much more STUPID than you give yourself credit for being. Or maybe in your TREMENDOUSLY SMALL MIND, you watched an X-Files episode and believed it. The X-Files, even the episodes about Roswell, are PURE FICTION.

    Some people who really do have real religions are nice enough to pity you. I, on the other hand, do not believe in handing out undeserved pity, especially to the weak-minded, so I'm just going to laugh at you.

    <edit>No, I'm not mean, just very, very honest, and very, very blunt. Also, I despise ignorance and stupidity.

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    first of all there are many qualities that link humans to aliens and to animals and to plants and to objects that doesnt mean anything. just because i resemble some characteristics that a monkey or dog might have does not mean i came from a damn monkey. im not saying there is no aliens out there but rosewell was a quack. and if we do have these extraterrestrial metal crap in us how do scientist know? we dont have posestion of an alien to do test on?

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    You are pretty funny. But it would work better if you got a little closer to what they say about Scientology. They way you are doing it makes it too easy to see that you aren't really a scientologist. The expert anti-scientologists here can see through you as easily as the real scientologists can.

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    My daughter says we are from somewhere else because, biologically speaking, human beings are the ONLY ones, who are totally helpless when they are born.

    And if we are deprived of time, (clocks, time pieces) and sunlight, we revert to a different time frame, as we can not tell what the time is, by any other means. And because of all the different kinds of animals?, only one species, is closely related to us.

    We are like some kind of cosmic zoo."" Go to Earth, and have a zoo day."'.

    Source(s): just an idea, we all have them
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    Ever wonder what is riddles and analogy?

    What is "Star on 45"?

    What is "Area 51"?

    What is "Pillar of salt"?

    Now look aound in own backyards.

    Notice how little ET came out of the water and grew to like salt?

    Notice how they leave with time and left behind a mound of salt after making a mess on planet earth?

    Luke 8.10, 17

    What do you think?

    Source(s): decoded from the missing x-files.
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    Science refuses to comment on matters of religion, therefore scientology is not a religion, but a cult.

    **** off.

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    the roswel incident is made up.

    Scientology is also made up, and also quite dangerous. If you are lucky you wil end up poor, unlucky and you will end up insane or dead.

    We could have evolved from matter from a different planet, but all metals are extra terrestrial in origin.

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    I deny nothing I am unsure of. That would be silly. Who created the space aliens?

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