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Fighting for my child to spend Xmas with me?

My child's mother and I broke up almost 2 years ago now. For the past six months I had my seven year old son with me. His mother moved by herself to another state, and she left our son with me until she get everything together and she is settled down in her new home and state. She is now a 4 hour commute from me. She also left with her parents her teenage son, which she had from a previous relationship.The plan was that in end of December 2007 both boys would move with her to the new state.

I want my son to stay with me until Xmas day, and the following day I would travel with him out of state for him to be with his mother permanently. We are now arguing about her wanting him for Xmas, and it is getting really nasty between the both of us. I told her she could have him before New Years and I have him for Xmas. She does not want to compromise. I had never been away from my son, and It is hard to depart from him.

Right now I am stuck and don't know what to do..Does anyone have advice.

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    Get a laywer. What does does the court say?


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    Would it be possible for you all to spend Christmas together for the sake of your son? I'm sure it would be uncomfortable but if the adults could manage to do it without arguing or making snide remarks, you would be setting a wonderful example for him. If that isn't possible, maybe you can spend Christmas morning together at a hotel near your wife's new home. Then you could drop him off by 11 or 12 and go home.

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    talk to her about you spending xmas at her place so you can both be with your son. GoodLuck and HappyHolidays

  • You should still fight.

    He's going to permanently move in with his mom so it would be nice of her to let him at least spend one last time with you.

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    Divorce papers say .....

    Or get Emergency court order for custody ....

    Either way if she won't compromise .. you need a good lawyer!

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