how can i get into the christmas mood?

i dont know what it is i mean right after thanksgiving i was totally into it but now im just like ok.. christmas music.. but its just music to me right now what can i do to get into the mood?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Well there's a bunch of ways, I was like you a couple days ago, but now I'm in full Christmas mode.

    Well you can always put up Christmas decorations if you haven't already.

    If there's any snow at all in your area it may sound childish but you can always play in the snow. I'm thinking about walking around in the snowy park, it seems so fun.

    You can always bake Christmas themed goodies cookies, candies, Gingerbread houses, if you're not a good baker maybe you can get someone to help you.

    Maybe you and your friends can go together and go Christmas shopping if you haven't done so already should br really fun or you guys can even go to the movie theaters and see a Christmas movie. They always have a lot during this time of year.

    Christmas music, you can go and listen to some nice Christmas songs there's a bunch from the classics, to ballads, to updated modern carols.

    And I don't know why but this always gets me into the Christmas spirit, is when I go to some sort of pet shop like Petsmart, Petland, or Petco. I don't know why but around this time of year if I take a look at the pets it just really gets me into the spirit. And now I want a ferret or a really small puppy.

    But there you go I hope I helped you out somewhat.

  • 1 decade ago

    I have many ways!!

    *Listen to Christmas music!!

    *Go Christmas shopping for friends and family

    *Help wrap gifts

    *Bake Christmas foods (cookies, gingerbread, etc.)

    *Watch Christmas movies such as Elf (i LOVE that movie) or Rudolph. It's even fun to watch little kid Christmas shows!

    *Decorate the house!!!

    Well, thats all I got for ya!

    Merry CHristmas!

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    1 decade ago
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