Speech Pathology or MIS?

I'm currently a junior in college and just took my first full semester of business degree courses for MIS. The thing is I never actually wanted to go into the field but it was the only thing I could decide on after highschool while my parents were forcing me to go to the state college because they couldnt help fund my expedition to the college I wanted to go to and got into. I finally decided that what I want to do is go into speech pathology. I dont know if I should just finish up my MIS degree and forget speech pathology or get the degree and get the masters in speech. My current school is not well ranked among language disorder degrees. I just got accepted to a school that is. Should I take the transfer, apply for scholarships, and financial aid and puruse the degrees somewhere I want to be? Or stay and just get one degree so I can run from this shithole town? The family is so discouraging at this point. They say to stay. has anyone gone into these fields? Advice?

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    Hi I'm just going into my final year of speech pathology and I have to say it is a fantastic choice. I live in Melbourne, Australia, so it may be a little different here, but I've loved my course - a huge scope: language, speech, hearing, developmental, stroke, swallowing, alternative communication, stuttering... the list goes on. Think about how much money you might waste if you start MIS (I don't know what that is?) and quit halfway through to do speech.

    Follow your dreams. Its your life not your parents'...

    Although it is their money I suppose?

    In australia the gov. pays for your uni and you pay them back bit by bit when you're earning 30k+. So you do what you want here.

    Hope it works out.

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    id get the degree then find a school that has a better ranked speech disorder course. my sister started out with speech pathology but she now just wants to be a elementry school teacher and parents ofcourse will be discouraging. my parents are divorced and my father is supposed to pay for 1/3 of my college and he hasent payed a penny yet and he has done nothing but bash on what i want to do.

  • 5 years ago

    MIS is a good major. You don't need a masters to get started and I would definitely suggest not getting one right off the bat. Find a good company (wont be that hard) and work your way through to gain experience -- you'll hit junior management pretty quickly if you do well and firms will pay your education for grad school to earn an MBA so you can hit senior management thereafter. Good luck!

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