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Why do bad Christians go to Heaven but Atheists are doomed for a lifetime in Hell?


LOL Sadly, Boron Bear, that is EXACTLY the answer I expected to receive.

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    Stick with me, Jellybean; I know a guy, who knows a guy, who knows the sister of the friend of the guy, whose half-brother is a roommate of the night-watchman for the pearly gates. We're as good as in!!! ;-)

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    Hmmm...did you know that Mormons do not believe this? I was very relieved to learn it when I was visiting with the girl missionaries. Mormons believe that we will be judged. But that there isn't just a heaven and hell. There will be middle shades of gray. Depending on believes, lives lived, etc.

    If God is a fair God which we all believe Him to be. And there was only one heaven and one hell, there would have to be a firm "line drawn in the sand" on how many unrepentant sins one person dies with. For argument's sake, lets say 500. So in other people views 501 would send you to ever lasting torment?! 499 and you just made it? God knows our heart. If you are a good person but never accepted Christ I do not believe you are going to "burn". You just won't receive as high of a level of Glory. If God is anything, he is merciful!

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    Bad Christians can ask for forgiveness. Atheists actually actively deny God and try to convert others to their false religion. I do question why someone who professes not to believe in God or heaven or hell, would even care about this question. Does something smell fishy in here?

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    Bad Christians go to hell.

    Good Christians go to heaven

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    i'm An Church Of Christ. they are the two visit Hell because of the fact Murderers Are Killing human beings, Stealing, Rob, Snatching, And Atheist do no longer believe In Bible And Reject God, they do no longer believe In Jesus,. this is the genuine question believe Me they are the two visit Hell

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    Bad Christians? If they are Christians which means they follow CHRIST and want to be like Him, then you may call them "bad" but at least they believe and are trying not to be "bad".

    Atheists don't believe in God. Simple.

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    It's not True that all Christians will Go to heaven,,,,but all people who belive in GOD"doesn't have to be Jesus" have the chance do go to Heaven,,,,but for those who think that there's no God will not go for heaven,,

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    Just because people claim to be a "Christian" does NOT mean they ARE one....

    Don't believe everything you read or hear... just because people "believe" doesn't make them a Christian.

    Satan and his demons and principalities believe as well...

    Doesn't make THEM "saved" any more than we humans... there's a bit MORE to it than just "believing" and "saying" you are something. :)

    They are just LEARNING HOW TO BE ONE but haven't GRADUATED and gotten the DIPLOMA yet. :)

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    (now, who said "bad christians were going to heaven?) Boy, have they got another thing coming!!! "Peace!" big "Woops!" huh! :)

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    it makes the bookkeeping easier.

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