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I had a check up and they said my weight is 102 pounds!!! Yikes! I asked my mom and she said it was because I'm tall( about 5 ft.) and because I have alot of muscle from cheeleading for a year and doing ballet for 6 years. But I'm not too sure....alot of people at my school are about 80 pounds. I'm in 6th grade...But yea and it looks like a little bit of fat hangs over my pants!! Eeekk! Am I getting fat?!


››C0LLEE... why dont you shut up? I was just asking if I'm fat because alot of kids at my school are like 8 pounds and it looks like fat hangs over my pants, OKAY? I was just ASKING IF IT AS NORMAL! Because so far I am embbarrased to say my weight in front of people! SO SHUT UP AND GET A LIFE!

Update 2:

Lol, yeah there are even kids at my school who are like 60 pounds.

Update 3:

♫HSM2♫KE... I only said what grade I'm in and never said my age. So...Good luck with that!

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    You have a BMI of 19.9, on the low end of a normal, healthy weight. (Underweight is defined as 18.5 or lower).

    What's way more important than how much you weigh is having a balanced diet and exercise. Listen to your body. If you feel full of energy and in good health, then you're almost certainly in good health. You don't need some number to tell you that.

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    No. You have to remember that muscles weigh more than fat. Since you are so active (which is great!) the muscle you build constitutes the majority of your weight. So don't worry. As for the fat that hangs, it should shrink if you continue being active because when muscles grow, they push the fat making it look like your getting bigger because the fat hasn't had time to burn away yet. Your weight is normal! And you are not fat.

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    You don't sound overweight at all, just that you have an athletic build. Unless your doctor is concerned about your weight, and insists you do something to change it- you really shouldn't worry or go on some crazy diet, especially at your age. When you start comparing your body to your peers that can make your insecurites a million times worse, as long as you keep a balanced diet and excercise you should be fine. Being healthy is the main thing.

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    your physical condition should be reflected by your diet as well as your daily exercise. If you follow a good exercise routine that involves alot of aerobic exercise, also being health concious about what you eat, you should be fine. There are other ways to determine if you are out of your weight range for your age and height, such as a chart.

    The average height and weight for an 11 year old is 4'8", 85 pounds.

    The average height and weight for a 12 year old is 5', 105 pounds.

    I'm not saying that the average weight is the correct weight to be, but you are within the average range for your height and age.

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    First let me say that the same volume of muscle weighs more then fat cells so if you are really athletic then you are going to weigh a little more then others. When i was in jr high i played football snowboarded and cross country cycled. I weighed 30 to 40 pounds more then the average for my class. My advice to you is please please do not worry about your weight. Worrying about it is a bad thing for a girl your age.

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    You're perfectly normal and I'd say your weight is very good.

    And these 80 pound girls are way underweight and incredibly unhealthy in the process. I know there's peer pressure and the media that says you have be as skinny as possible but these girls are taking it way too far.

    Trust me, you're perfect where you are.

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    If you're 5ft anything under 109 lbs is considered underweight. But your still growing and changing. I wouldn't worry about it. You don't want to weigh 80 lbs or you'll start getting very sick. If anything you should put on a few lbs.

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    No, you're not getting fat. Just make sure you eat healthy, and excersize! I'm 5'3 and 105. I'm 13. So, you're about 3 pounds under me....that's not that bad.

    Good luck!



    okay, um NO ONE is 13 in 6th grade. Unless you got held back 3 times in a row....and I highly doubt you did. THATS what I think of that.

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    ur five foot and worry about being just over a hundred pounds? u r not fat and whoever tells u ur fat is NUTS. ur a great weight

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    Nah you're normal (not fat at all). How are your friends 80 pounds!?!?!?

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