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Are geminis free-spirits? Do they love to do their own thing?


yes, I'm a gemini, and I do indeed march to the beat of a different drummer! many ppl love my free type of personality. ;)

Update 2:

SanTa, I think Air signs in general like their freedom.

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    Absolutely! Gemini marches to the beat of it's own drummer and it is up to the people around them as to whether or not they want to come along for the ride. Gemini is not one to easily bend to the will of others if they do not agree. They're very head strong, and definitely resent any form of restriction!

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    yes you are very right, air sighns love there freedom.

    Geminis are some crazy people i must say because i just know a few. My mother and brother are geminis and i am an aquarius. Geminis are lively, energectic, flexible and extremely adoptable to new situations. They tend to be all over the place. They pay more attention to there mind than there stupid emotions. Emotions just never seem to get in the way of a gemini. Geminis have a fickle nature, and people may seem to get pissed of by it too ! Geminis are very curious people. Unlike Leo who wants only to be the star, Gemini wants to play everypart !

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    Not neccessarely. Personality doesn't rely only on the Sun's position. It depends on the other planets and their positions. I think you have this personality because not just the Sun, but the Mercury is at a specific place, and they aspect to each other brings out this nature.

    In addition, maybe Uranus is at a specific place with specific aspects. (I think, if you can feel these drives to be so free, Uranus has to be in your 1st house, while the Sun and Mercury has to be either in the 3rd, or more possibly in the 5th house)

    Source(s): Astrologer's handbook, personal experiment
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    i'm gemini

    i'm a free spirit, perhaps 2 free spirits

    i love to do my own things but i dont love things


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    yes, of coarse. they love to do what they love and want to do. they are also very stubborn so they wont really do what others want them to do if they do not like it. they are also very creative, so they think of new things and do them..

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