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How do I make a timeline comparing the lives of queen elizabith 1 of england and King phillip 2 of spain?

I have to make a timeline comparing the lives of queen elizabith 1 of england and King phillip 2 of spain. The lesson only talks about their birth, death, coronation, and marriage (which we are not allowd to use in the timeline). I have to have 5 major points of Queen Elizabeth's life and 5 major points of King Philip's life and compare and contrast the two.

can you please help me?

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    Elizabeth had a lot going on. I can not see a timeline of a monarch without the born, ascended, coronation, marriage (of which Phillip had 4 or 5) and death. This defines the period of power and things that affected history.

    So for elizabeth, you have the explorers, drake, frobisher, hawkins (who started under marys reign, 1562 and earlier and later), the shakespearean theatre (1590s) , marys execution (1587) and of course the war with spain and the defeat of the armada (1588), the plague in england (1563), took netherlands under her protection (1585, repercussions with spain).

    for phillip you have him and his association with the holy roman empire (his brother ferdinand 1 ruler), his fight against the dutch independance movement (1572), made madrid the capital of spain (1560), spain occupied the phillipines (1564), fought with and took over most of portugal (1580), declared intention of invading england (armada thing), spain went bankrupt in 1575, 1583 northern netherlands declared separate (another enemy for spain).

    I'm sure you can find other items. have fun history is fully of intrigue.

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    A major point in Elizabeth's life doesn't occur during her life, isn't that odd? This important date is November 1534, the date of the Act of Supremacy which severed England's ties with the Roman Catholic Church. The Act proclaimed Henry VIII supreme head of the Anglican Church and thus made it possible for Henry to get a divorce from his first wife, Catherine of Aragon, in order to marry Anne Boleyn, Elizabeth's mother. The break with Rome and the perceived insult to Spanish honor in the divorce was at the root of all the conflict between Elizabeth and Phillip. The divorce also proclaimed that Catherine's daughter by Henry, Princess Mary, was a bastard (important later).

    The next important date is the death of King Edward VI, the half-brother of Mary and Elizabeth. A pro-Catholic group of lords made sure that the crown passed to Mary, previously made an ineligible bastard by the divorce. She did all she could to get revenge for her mother and to reverse the Reformation in England. She married Phillip II (another date for your timeline) making him King Consort of England, at least in name.

    The next important date is the death of Queen Mary. With the support of the Protestants of England, Elizabeth was crowned queen, ignoring Phillip's claim. The Catholic Church held Elizabeth to be a bastard and a heretic, and thus a usurper. Phillip renounced any claim on the English crown he had through his late wife and proclaimed his support for Elizabeth's cousin Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots.

    The next important date is the civil war in Scotland between the Protestant Lords of the Congregation, led by James Stuart, Earl of Moray, and Queen Mary and her Catholic supporters. Mary lost the war and fled to England without getting any permission to cross the border from Elizabeth, who favored the Scottish protestant party, at least in private. Mary became a less-than-welcome guest in England (under house arrest, really) because her claim to the crown was excellent and Elizabeth had no heir.

    The next important date is the execution of Mary Queen of Scots (02-08-1587). Mary spent much of her time in England trying to stir up civil war in Scotland and plotting the assassination or overthrow of Elizabeth. Both activities really pissed off Elizabeth.

    The next date is 1588, the year of the Spanish Armada. Phillip hoped to use the Armada to escort the army of the Duke of Parma, currently in the Netherlands, across the channel to England, where they were to kill or capture Elizabeth and establish a new Catholic monarch on the throne.

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    Queen Victoria is queen Elizabeth II great great grand mom Elizabeth II<George VI< George V<Edward VII <Victoria Queen Elizabeth I is a cousin of Elizabeth II, Elizabeth II is a descendant of Elizabeth I's Aunt Margaret,queen consort of Scotland. Elizabeth II<George VI < George V< Edward VII < Victoria < Prince Edward, Duke of Kent< George III< Prince Frederick, Prince of Wales < George II < George I< Sophia, Electress of Hanover< Elizabeth, Queen consort of Bohemia< James I and VI < Mary I of Scotland< James V of Scotland<Margaret Tudor< Henry VII Henry VII Grand Daughter is Elizabeth I Henry VII< Henry VIII < Elizabeth I

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    Make it with Important dates of both people, or make to seperate ones and work from there.

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