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Which band is beter?


please help! my friend and i have argued 4 hours (we do that alot) about which band is better? I NEED TO PROVE IM RIGHT!

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    None. They are both good because they are both associated together, Pete Wentz is best friends with Brendon Urie, it's impossible to pick one. Most people would probably say FOB, because they released a CD more recently, but Panic is coming back with their new song 'Nine In The Afternoon' and a second album March 25,2008. No one is right. There is no right answer to that question. I would say that Panic is better live than FOB, Patrick Stump's voice isn't thar great live. But they are both the same equally. Panic's music is a little different than FOB. Panic has more keyboard and 80's, but their awesome.

    No one can win that arguement. Sorry.

    FOB and P!ATD are both great in their own ways.

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