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Why is choice so important?

Why is it so important to make our own choices? Is it just for individuality or is there more to it? Thanks.

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    Try living your life without being allowed to make your own choices. No doubt you will say that it would be good to have someone make decisions for you And it probably would be for a short time but imagine someone telling you what to eat, when to eat, what to wash with, when to get up, what to wear, when to make a call, when to open mail etc etc.

    That probably sounds good and you would have little problem coping with that for a short time, but what if you have that for the next 20/30 years.After a while you will be deskilled and unable to make a choice.

    There would still be individualism but it wouldn't be yours it would be others foisted upon you. It's about freedom and civil liberty more than individualism

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    An indolent statement, like the one above by "Pee", about the essence of being, underscores inchoate reasoning. Plenary reasoning carries well past the problem as conceived by the bourgeois individual. One who reasons about the nature of things, a theorist, learns to avoid the hypothetical-deductive error known as "assuming the cause". Thus, a theoretical individual is not compelled by the anticipated outcome to choose it. The specie of selection you are referring to is just one alternative, the bourgeois alternative, among many that can be conceived of properly only by investigation, a movement toward the genus. What is of great import to the bourgeois debutante matters very little to a true, thinking, authentic individual.

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    When yo make a choice it brings forth a very important reality that you have been blessed with the attribute of choice. Its another argument that whether the choice made is good or bad. When you are blessed with this attribute refusal to make use of it would be depriving yourself of this blessings. Choices are made by individuals as a natural corollary to the attribute. When you have made a choice its up to the world to gage it whether it was right or wrong, good or bad.

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    If all of Hitler's soldiers would of refused orders, the Holocaust would be a figment of our imaginations, the Reality however, according to most historians, is it did happen.

    Those soldiers, may argue, that they would of been killed for disobeying orders, and honestly, I may have argued likewise. But however we come to rationalize this issue, lives were lost, and for what the lust to be king-of-the-world?

    We can blame Hitler, or even our local-leaders, for our personal-problems, But both plantiff and victim, 9 times out of 10 need the cooperation of the other, to do their bidding.

    "Choosing not to confront-evil, is just as corrupt as actively participating in it"

    Choice is important. Because at times, the life & death of each and everyone of us, is on the line.

    Source(s): "Strength to Love" Martin Luther King JR.
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    Choice is the essence of being. There are physical and metaphysical limitations placed on us by our creator, but, aside from this, our willingness to submit to societally imposed restrictions is in itself a major choice. It is always important to maintain perspective and realize that, even if coerced, every action or inaction is a choice. Good luck and God Bless.

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    We are all individuals, we need to choose for us because if others choose they choose for them.This is true from choosing a meal to our career and life and partner.

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    Do you want the long answer or the short answer?

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    "Only dead fish flow wherever the stream takes them"

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