Is there any way to subpoena someone if all you have is their email address and their former employer address?

My former employer owes me over $11,000. I am suing to obtain this money, but I need to subpoena someone who works or worked (I'm not sure) for that company, and I don't think he will be a willing witness. He lives in New Jersey, and I am suing in New York. Thanks!

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    Witness subpoenas must be served in person. They do NOT have to be served at the person's residence, so if you can locate him in NY at work or otherwise he can be served there.

    ** Note: The above is not legal advice, but a discussion of the legal issues presented by your question. Local laws or your particular circumstances may vary the general rules. For a definitive answer to your question you should consult local legal counsel.**

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    Ask a process server. Those guys are relentless. Look for his current address on the internet. If you can't find it yourself, there are a lot of websites you can pay to find him/her for you, like

    If still nothing pans out, put an ad in the paper and pay for information.

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    An attorney and process server would know.

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