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kids in my class go on my space .....?

I am really popular and people want to know my myspace (not allowed on) and then since i don't have one hthey make fun of me... HELP

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    ok, so these kids who are suppose to be in school learning are on myspace and they make fun of you because u dont have one? u should laugh in their face and tell them that one of these days they are going to get caught because teachers and admistrators are catching on to kids using different proxies to get on myspace.

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    there are lots of kids in my class that have a myspace and i don't have one and i am not popular but i don't think that it madders what you have on your computer like if you have a screen name or a myspace. So when they make fun of you just say i don't like people to stalk me or fined out stuff about me

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    You don't need myspace to make friends. In my experince myspce is good for nothing. If you want drama in your life then go ahead and make one. But if your a normal good person there is no reason to have it. If they keep making fun of you they are not your friends.

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  • well u hav 2 be 14.but ppl lie on their age all the time on myspace.i have 1 also but im 14 so theres a huge difference.butmyspace has privacy settings so tell ure parents that and they will make there decision.myspace is not one bit overrated,kids enjoy it.just make sure u r responsible and not doin stuff u shouldnt be doin like talking 2 pedifiles.if ure parents wont allow u on.tell them bout aim.(aol instant nessenger.)its just as good,but with less danger and more approval with ure parents.

    hope i helped.

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  • Just say:

    I'm sorry I have a life and don;t spend my days on Myspace stalking other people.

    That's what I used to say when I didn't have one.

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    That is a stupid reason to made fun of. Tell them, "Have you heard of an, ya-ho-o a-ccount?" or say, 'my myspace is too secretive to be spoken of.'

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    well if your friends really cared about you, they wouldnt judge you cuz of myspace..........

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    how old r u? if ur not old enough well then tell them they're breaking the law. who cares wut they think. all that matters is wut u think. and u have friends that care about u right? well if u do well then u got a pretty nice life.

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    i guess you arent as popular as you thought then

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