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Pirates without stealing?

Well...It's not like I wanna become a pirate. I have a question about pirates. Are all pirates are bad, like they all steal? Because my grandfather is a pirate and he dosn't steal (well he dosn't steal from people, he likes getting treasure from places from treasure know), he is like an adventurous person that went all over the world (not really all over the world). Are all pirates are stealers or something? There is still pirates in my family (I'm a muslim somalian) but there bad, the steal alot.

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    i think you grandfather is called a treasure hunter... pirates hi jack other ships and steal booty in order to maintain their piratey life. they don't have normal jobs like normal people, they steal instead.

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    What you're saying sounds like "Do all bank robbers rob banks?" Pirates are criminals. Your grandfather sounds like an adventurer, treasure hunter, explorer, archeologist or Indiana Jones type.

    There are pirates in some areas still boarding vessels and robbing and even killing some of their passengers and crew to steal their boats, use them for smuggling drugs, or just to steal whatever cargo the vessel is hauling. I hope these are not your relatives.

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    pirates! i never know they existed. pirates are people who steal, think about the DVD piracy people.

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