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A new aquarium HELP!!!?

my parents have let me know that i am getting a new 30 gallon tank for christmas i have a tank and i have a small longnose gar and a few tiger barbs and they seem to do fine together. I know that the gar will continue to grow but if i put him in my new tank what kind of fish cane i put with him? what level of agression is a gar ? can green terrors go with him or a slower type of cichlid like a blood parrott? remember i need some good fish suggestions to go with him?


What about a jelly bean parrot

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    I would recommmend to take out the longnosed gar that you have. It simply just grows too big for your fish tank! Longnose gar are piscivore, as it grows, it will more likely eat your tiger barbs and suc fish that you have.

    If you get the gar out, you can have community fish or have a New World Cichlid tank. You can have German Blue Ram, Bolivian Ram, Angelfish (but only one) and Apistos. If you have these fish, then you would need to have a planted tank and plenty of hiding places for the fish.

    If you want to continue your barb tank, I would recommend you to get about six more tiger barbs, five cherry barbs, five rosy barbs, five gold barbs and five jae barb. It would be a cool tank to have, especially for barbs only.

    I wouldn't recommend anything else than the one I listed. A blood parrot grows too big for that tank.

    EDIT: Jelly-bean parrot are basically the same thing as blood parrot cichlids. Just different colors.

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    Unless you are planning to have a 200+ gallon tank, get rid of the gar. You can have the barb tank, but don't exceed 30 inches of barbs or any other small fish in there. I'd get less than 30 inches and add a school of cory cats. They are 2-3" each, so if you get 3-4 of the smaller ones (one kind only so they'll school) you could have 2 small schools of barbs as well.

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