Having touble losing weight? should I do my mom's weightwatchers?

Ok, so I am 130, and 5'7", and anything I eat goes directly to my stomach, and NOWHERE else.... kinda weird I know....

I just want to be 120 by summer, cuz I am going to spain in the summer, and I want to look really good in a suit (I know a completely gorgeous guy over there)

I have been trying to diet, but I don't really know how. would my mom's weightwatchers diet work for me?

and I know I have to excersize, but I have trouble fitting it in. the weight room at school is open 5 days a week, and my soccer coach for spring really wants us to go, but I have a REALLLY busy schedule (I'm a sophmore in all honors classes, and I'm in a bunch of clubs) and I can't find the time.

I also find it hard to stick to diets. I haven't tried to go hardcore, just cut out deserts and any unnecesary carbs. Its been hard though, cuz when I get upset, I resort to food, and I have clinical depression :\

so could you please help me? sorry, it was a lot to read...

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    My sister was the same way and she did weight watchers with my mom and it worked for her.

  • Ok, im 5' 7'', and i am 134 pounds, but im a guy. Im 13. I used to be around 140 pounds. I went on weight watchers, and within 3 weeks, i lost 11 pounds. I was then 129 pounds. I grew 2 inches and then i gained 5 pounds, of muscle, and because i grew. I haven't stayed on it since then, but i really need to go back to it because it was fun, challenging, and they have foods that are specifically for your diet, and easy to find in grossery stores.

    BEST of luck

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    1 decade ago

    One thing that will help you lose weight: diet pills. I was one of those who did not believe in them until I tried it. And I tried a few until I found a great one that works (its all natural too!). You can go to

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