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Should by brother start studying for the ACTs during his sophomore year?

He is very determined to get a 30+, and says that he NEEDS to begin studying NOW.


sorry- "my" brother

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    AcT is not a big deal. your average is more important.

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    It's hard to "study" for the ACT. He can prepare himself by:

    1. Reviewing English grammar for the English section.

    2. Reading novels to prepare himself for the Reading section.

    3. Reading science books (real science books with graphs. Popular science probably isn't enough. Tell him to read some science textbooks) to prepare himself for the Science section.

    4. Get a math review sheet for the Math section. It should include geometry formulas, algebra 1 and 2 equations (for examle y=mx+b), trignometry formulas (for example Soh Cah Toa), and some calculus is he's ever gone that fare (for example derivatives and integration).

    5. Take several practice tests. You should be able to get them from the ACT website or from an ACT prep manual at any decent bookstore.

    6. Understand logic and cause and effect. That will help with the science section.

    I had a teacher who told us that if you really want to do well on the ACT the best thing to do is to read because it gets your mind working in ways it doesn't when you don't read. He said that the people who do the best are readers (maybe that's a post hoc). I would say that is very good advice for the Reading and science sections.

    Right now he would be a sophomore and the ACT usually isn't taken until the end of the junior year. He'll need to keep updating himself with these techniques until the test.

    Source(s): I took the ACT three times, but mainly because I had an inferiority complex and not for anything college related. I wouldn't recommend taking it more than twice.
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    There's no harm in starting now, though some will say it's too early.

    If he gets an ACT prep book, he can take his time and read through it, learn about the types of questions asked, take practice tests, etc. I'm sure the more practice tests he takes, the better. If he sees he needs outside help, he'll still have time to get in a prep class before taking the ACT in his junior year.

    Sounds like he probably wants to take it in the fall/winter of his junior year vs. spring?

    Also, I'm wondering why he's so set on the ACT vs. SAT? Some people do better in one vs. the other. The ACT measures more "real learning" (ie what do you know/what have you learned and retained in high school) and the SAT measures "reasoning" and problem-solving, thinking through things. Maybe he already knows the ACT is for him. I just bring this up, in case it turns out the SAT is actually a better fit for him.

    I see nothing wrong with starting to think about this and starting to prep. He shouldn't panic or spend many hours a week on it at this point, but it certainly can't hurt to start the process.

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    Contrary to the other answer, I'd say ACT IS a big deal, and although it might benefit him to study early, it's probably not necessary. A lot of the material on it is something he'll learn his junior year, so in soph year, he probably would find it difficult to learn. It also depends on how good he is at taking tests and how quick thinking/good guesser he is. I got a 33 with no prep. Also, tell him not to worry SOOO much because he can retake it all the way up to beginning of senior year, so he shouldn't be imagining this horrible one-time test that will decide the rest of his life.

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