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What do I need to declare, and what about travelers' cheques?

Here's what I don't understand - so I'm bringing alcohol or expensive jewelry, and I need to declare it.

But what if I bought clothes? Do I need to declare them, too? Basically, everyday items like clothes, do they really need to be put on the declaration?

And I also have to sell a property in another country, and if I wire the money, I'll lose too much. So I'm thinking of buying travelers' cheques, and there'll be about $100,000 worth. I know that, depending on the country, one does not actually need to declare up to, say, $10,000 in cheques, but this is different.

If I declare this many, can they take it from me? Or what should I do?

Thanks in advance.

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    Part of this depends of course on which country you're entering. To find out country-specific information go to the country's consulate website or ask your airline.

    General rule of thumb is that yes, you need to declare everything. If you are exporting in large quantities, they will tax you. As for the cash (and traveler's checks are a form of cash) you MUST declare it if you don't want them to take it from you. Mostly declarations on money have to do with prevention of money laundering. In the EU you absolutely must, must, must declare anything over $10,000EU. That's a great rule of thumb because it's reasonable that you'd spend $10,000 on travel, but not more than that unless you are just really flush. So yes, declare it. Just to be extra safe, bring the bill of sale from your property as well (and make sure you've paid the local sales tax on that sale).

    Have a great trip!

    Source(s): - this is the EU website about custom controlls and cash declarations.
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