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Healthy for 13?

Breakfast- 2 slices whole wheat bread with peanut butter and banana with a glass of milk

Lunch- 1 slice of whole wheat bread with turkey and lettuce, salad with italian dressing, triscuit thin crisps/carrots with hummus, apple

Snacks throughout the day- mixed nuts and raisins and either 1/2 grapefruit or another apple (or both lol)\

Dinner- ? (i think maybe chicken burritos or chicken stir fry, not sure yet, depends on what my mom decides)

I'm 13 and trying to eat healthy. I'm not overweight or trying to lose weight, just eat healthy food! Does this sound like enough food or should I add more/take something away? My parents think I eat very healthy and I do because I like to, but sometimes I worry if I'm getting enough. I try to take in 1800-2100 calories a day...............anyway what do you think? Any advice will be appreciated, thanks! :)


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    your doing good for your meals.

    Sometimes you might want to switch up when you do try my diet meal one day.

    Good luck:



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    Drop the third slice of bread at lunch, add more veggies, try to eat 5 times a day, no more than 300 calories at a sitting and make sure each mini meal has a good balance of protein, carbs and fats.

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    Congratulations. At 13 you're smarter than most adults out there when it comes to nutrition and calories.

    I do think that you might be misrepresenting how many calories you actually take in a day and it might be closer to 2400 but then this depends on the amounts you're eating.

    But beyond that, I think you've got a good mix going there and a very healthy diet.

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    Screw that eat what you want it dosent mater when your 13 unless your a overweight coutch potato exercise burns off all the bad food stop worying eat what you want when you can if thats all the calories you take in you need to exercise more when your body needs a food it will crave it eat what y want have some fun stop worying about it

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