Wht are some of the christmas songs played in uruguay?

I have to do a project for spanish about holidays around the world and i got Uruguay. Also what are some of the typical routines that happen during the holiday season and information regarding christmas in Uruguay would be helpful

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    I'm Uruguayan, and I can tell you we're not really into Christmas songs... The only Christmas song I know is Noche de Paz but I don't know the complete lyrics. Anyway, about the routines:

    We prepare the Christmas tree in December 8th. And some families also build small nativity scenes representing Jesus, Maria, the Three Kings, etc, under the tree, which we call "pesebre" (belen in Spain)

    In the 24th of December at around 20:00 the families meet for dinner, but actually the dinner starts at around 23:00. The food that we eat is always red meat, especially lamb, which takes a long time to cook.

    Usually the men cook the meat and the women take care of the salad. We also drink a lot of cold drinks and icecream, because it's summer (of course!).

    At midnight there are fireworks all over the city of Montevideo, so people go out to the street to see them. After, it's common that the neighbours come to wish you a Merry Christmas. People go to sleep very late, like at 2am. The next morning the children get their presents which are supposed to be brought by Santa Claus, whom we call Papa Noel.

    It's not common for people to go to church, although most of the population is catholic.

    Another curious thing is that the 6th of January the children get presents again, because it's the day of the Three Kings (Los Reyes Magos). The night before they have to put their shoes next to the door, and also some grass and water "for the camels of the Three Kings" :)

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    Uruguay in many aspects is a non catholic country, depite most of us are educated in catholicism. Christmas is more a family day, so we don't go outside and sign carrolls. Also remember it's summer here ! A hot one. So, there is not a great idea of white christmas.

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