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Human have always believed in (a) diety...?

You know how the Ancient Greeks believed in Zeus, Apollo, etc. Well, let's say some how (big some how), we are faced with new religions. So, now we've forgotten about Jesus, Moses, Muhammad, Buddha, etc....

So what does this mean? That just like the Greeks could leave Zeus, that it is possible that we may be able to forget these well known figures. Don't say this can't be done because it is the truth. Remember, the ancient civilizations believed their beliefs to be true!

But we really don't know anything! So, here comes another issue. Is religion preventing us from discovering the truth?


Sorry..Buddha is not a diety.

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    I think belief in a Deity is the convenient way for us to get answers (albeit wrong ones) to questions we don't know the answers to.

    The Incas, the Mayans and the Anasazi Indians all gave up their religions practically overnight once these beliefs no longer had meaning for them.

    When a religion can no longer compete with other sources to provide answers and meaning in life, is when that religion will be abandoned. And when it's happened in the past, no one really cared about "losing their religion."

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    Religion is constantly defined and redefined in accordance with the perceptual evolution of the society that it effects. The complete cessation of worship of a given ideology is usually only achieved by the utter destruction of the civilization that is predominantly involved with it. Even in these instances it is a gradual process and requires a supplanting of said religion by another. While it is not completely impossible, the cataclysmic events that would have to occur to obliterate enough of the populations dedicated to the wide spread variations of the few "major" religions are very unlikely to occur and still leave enough peoples to promulgate any new religion. Finally, enlightenment through spirituality is the only path to "the truth". Science is only a definitive manner of ruling out all things for which complete understanding will not lead ultimately to this truth. Good luck and God Bless.

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    Buddha is a deity to those who think he is. But you can be an atheist and be a Buddhist - there is no contradiction in terms here,. Buddha was completely silent about the existence of deity, and even denied the existence of a soul. Theravada Buddhism preserves this branch.

    Also, belief in spirits does not necessitate a belief in deities, either in the single or in the plural. For many traditional Chinese, it was the ancestors who were really important.

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    not sure if that (believing in a deity) really matters.

    My belief is that Deities are human creations to give society something tangible. Not everyone is equipped with knowledge/imagination to understand God - without a form.

    Deity is some scholar's creative work.

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    we do not know - by the way Buddha was not a deity. And yes religion, because of its restrictions on the questions one can ask does limit our understanding of all.

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    Jesus is the only person in history who purports to be a Deity.

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    There always has been and always will be something that man needs to thank and blame. And we're real good at shaping this to our interests.

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