how to politely tell someone NOT to buy you something?

my ex bf keeps sayin that he wants to get me an xmass gift and i have already told him not to and he thinks im just saying do i get it across that i do not want him spending money on me..he had to borrow money from his mom last month to pay his car insurance so he doesnt have money to spare and i dont feel comfortable with him buying me things...i dont want to be mean but i need to get him to understand i dont want him buying me anything..please help


i dumped him to go back to my ex/best friend so he knows that we're not ever gunna be more then friends but he still acts like we're together even though i love someone else..its really akward!! lol

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    Maybe something like:

    "I really appreciate you wanting to do something for me for Xmas, I think that's so thoughtful of you.

    I don't want to give you a false impression (or mixed message, or lead you on) of where we're at, and I think if I accept a gift from you, even if we both think and say there's 'no strings attached' I feel like realistically, of course there are.

    I can't accept a gift from you, as if you're 'just a friend.' You and I had something different then just friendship - I don't want to get things confusing or misunderstood."

    Bottom line - Express appreciation first, then say how you're bond was so special, exchanging gifts would say more than what's on the surface - and then reiterate how thoughful the idea is.

    Maybe to push it even further you could say..

    "You know I'd love to get a gift from you, but I want to do the right thing by me and you - and I know that exchanging gifts would muddy things up for us (or for me).

    Look out though -

    He's not over you (and maybe you're not ready to let go?) - so anything you're doing at this point is keeping him strung along. If he's contemplating buying a gift for you, he's obviously not buying one for a new gf. He's not letting go. Be super aware of boundaries - if you two are going to talk - make sure it's not at 3 am....make sure you're not acting like you're dating while saying you're not -

    If you're acting super close to him, he would be confused why he couldn't do something nice for you to show you how much he cares...

    Uh- good luck

    Maybe if he ultimately hands you a gift you could nicely give it back right then and there (without opening it) and say "I'm sure whatever you did was super thoughtful, but you know [insert name here], I couldn't take this without feeling guilty...or like I'm leading you on...or giving you a mixed message of where we stand...etc."

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    Tell those people that their love and friendship means more to you than any material thing they can give.In this way, you make them feel good and you get what you want.

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    Next time he says it say thanks but I don't want anything keep your money and pay your mom back that would make me happy.

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    Tell him you mean it and if he does give you something you will throw it away or give it to the homeless.

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    What's wrong with the truth,if it is?Just say I will not except any gift from you please stop makeing an awakard situtation here.

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