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The trent affair during the civil war is analogous to??

The trent affair during the civil war is analogous to??

a. the blowing up of the maine in 1898

b. the xyz affair during late 1790s

c. the german submarine attacks during world war 1

d. british impressment of american sailors prior to war of 1812

e. boycott of british imports during american revolutions.

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    D Is my best answer; the British stopping American ships and taking sailors off to serve in the British navy and the Trent Affair was an American warship stopping a British passenger ship to remove Confederate (American) diplomats from the sip and putting them in prison. Both involved one country illegally stopping and boarding another country's ship and removing people from it in a time of war that the ship's registered owner was not involved in. The US with the Confederacy and the British were fighting the French when they were impressing Americans into the British Navy.

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    Sounds like your doing homework. Main reasons are this: 1. It was a war among the states and their opinions. Not theres. 2. If they sided with oneside of the US, the other side would most definetly not offer any of its help to that country if they were to be in need of it. 3. The war was "Brother against Brother", and it was best back in the day to let family work out there own problems. Back then, getting involved in a feud among familys often was grounds to be killed by both of the parties involved. Assuming you're talking about the US Civil War of course.

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