Repairing Glass double Glazed Vinyl Window?

Can it be done? One exterior pane is cracked due to sloppy painter. Can it be replaced opr does it require a complete window replacement?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Double Glazed Windows are surrounded by vinyl.It's like a vinyl cap glued to the wood,the window has a metal trim separating the two glasses,with a tar substance holding them together,then inserted on to the vinyl.Now if you can take the window pain out of the casing,then yes you can replace just the double glass.You would have to know the size of the whole window plus the glass measurements.Look at the window and see how it is officiated.You may have to go to a glass company to buy the windows,I don't think Lowe's or Home Depot sells just the window pains.

  • 1 decade ago

    With some windows you can replace the glass but sometimes it is easier to replace the whole sash. You shouldn't need to replace the whole window. That is only true if the same windows are still being made. The painter should be liable for the damages. That's why he has liability insurance.

    Source(s): Professional painter 21 years. I repair many older windows every year. I have never broken a double glazed window but while on a job a grouse flew through one.
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