Ton is the unit for weight and i know that 1 ton is 1000 kg but i am solving a problem in which....?

we are talking about forces and loads it has said that a structure carries an axial load of 50 tons!!! how can it be possible it should be 50 N (newtons) or 50 KN... am i right or wrong? and if ton can be unit for force!!! then 1 ton is how many N ???

please help me how can i solve my problem without knowing the givens of the solution :-(

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    no 1 ton is a unit for weight

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    1 ton = 1000 Kg

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    ton is the unit of WEIGHT, kg is the unit of MASS. Since F=ma, the force, or weight, is equal to the actual mass * acceleration of gravity. Since g=9.81m/sec^2, you can do F/a = m to determine the mass equivalent of 1 ton.

    Structures carry weight, not mass. The force imposed on them is the mass of the structure + load, all times the acceleration of gravity. Your chair holds up your weight in N, not your mass in kg.

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    Be careful about your assumptions. In the US one ton = 2000 pounds. It is not equal to 1000 kg. Here's a link to a site that shows the different conversions for different measures of one ton.

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    actually a ton is a s.a.e. measurement of 2000 lbs. i know it doesnt make sense but that is what the common definition of a ton is. unless you are talking about a metric ton...then thats a whole new field

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    The Newton (N) is 1kg accelerated 1 meter per second

    per second. 1kg(m/s2)

    The accelleration due to gravity is 9.81kg(m/s2)

    So the force of gravity expressed in Newtons is:


    Force equals mass times acceleration (F=ma)

    Stated mass (m) is 50 tonnes (50,000kg)

    acceleration (a) is 9.18kg/m2 = 9.18N

    So F=50,000kg(9.18N)=490,500N or 490.5kN

    Source(s): "Statics for Engineers":p.15:B.B.Muvdi,A.W.Al-Khafaji,J.W.McNabb;cr.1997 Springer-Verlag;New York, New York
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    F= 1000kgx9.8m/s^2


    1 ton =9800N

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    Maybe this site will help you:

    Good luck!

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