Are these real questions being asked? Most seem made up. Please help me w/my ipod issue!!!?

I'm sure someone out there knows the answer to my question. I wanted to know if I have to keep all of my CDs on my computer that I had put onto my ipod? When I try to delete them from my computer after they were already placed on my ipod I'm told that it will also delete from the ipod. Do I have to keep all of CDs on my computer to keep them on my ipod? It seems a bit excessive. I don't have enough storage. Can somebody please help me!!!!

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  • Steve
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    1 decade ago
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    your ipod will normally sync to whatever is in itunes. that means if you delete something from itunes, then sync your ipod, it will delete those items. However, if you decide to sync your ipod manually, you can choose to put things into itunes and then have them only on the ipod.

  • Tammy
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    1 decade ago

    If you don't plan on adding anymore new tracks to your iPod then you can delete the ones on your hard drive without worry. When it's time to charge your iPod though, unless you have a wall charger (which you can get from you'll need to make sure the Autosync facility is turned off to prevent iTunes removing the tracks you already have on your ipod so that it matches your iTunes library.

    If storage is really an issue then you can always get external hard drives for not much money or if you're running a Windows based PC remove a lot of the old programs you no longer use. There's bound to be a few on there (AOL & a load of the other bundled software that doesn't get used will clear up a load of storage).

    Source(s): iPod & Mac user for many years :o)
  • cisco
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    4 years ago

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