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building a scanner antenna?

how do i make a antenna for a home scanner ex fire, weather

what will make it work best

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    Depends on your scanner. An old VHF/UHF antenna works great, you may just need to change the adapter on the end of the wire that can plug it into your scanner.

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    relies upon. in case you reside interior the city, and have numerous interference, and amplifier will escalate the interference to, and definitely make it worse. there are techniques around a number of this, whether it is extra complicated. in case you reside in an out-mendacity section, and attempt to hearken to a city we could say 30 miles away, then an amplifier will help, yet there's a extra helpful selection. in this occasion i'd get a directional scanner antenna, and element it to the city you like to pay attention. those are available on Ebay. they are sometimes purely television antennas, became ninety ranges to be vertically polarized. Feed it with an outstanding high quality coax, like Belden 9913. in case you reside in an out-mendacity section, yet desire to pay attention out farther all around you, then an amplifier will help some. Your ultimate guess is to get a huge variety exterior scanner antenna (attempt a Discone), and get it fastened as extreme as available, and un-obstructed. Use heavier coax to feed the antenna, like Belden 9913. The coax is somewhat significant, because it is length will enhance (say over 25'), and since the frequency will enhance (say over a hundred MHz). a hundred' of RG-fifty 8 coax loses 5 dB at one hundred fifty MHz. which ability you're dropping enormously much 0.5 of your sign. At 850 MHz, the loss is 15 dB. each and every 6 dB ability you're dropping a million/2 of the sign, so at 15 dB loss, you have become under 20% with the aid of the different end. you ought to use a television variety amplifier on a scanner. often television amplifiers artwork from 50 to 900 MHz, it is frequently ok for many scanner listeners. television amplifiers are set to seventy 5 ohms impeadance, yet this isn't significant on your use. you ought to certainly feed your scanner making use of a high quality seventy 5 ohm coax. To artwork ultimate, the amplifier must be fastened on the antenna.

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    wire coat hanger, remove the coating, or alum wire, or copper wire

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