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what is wrong with my hair?

i usually take a shower at night and brush out my hair and go to bed and sleep on it, and in the morning it comes out all wavy-ish but it's crazy so I usually flat iron it, but when i take a shower in the morning and let my hair air dry it's curly...but the curls are flat and ugly and when I brush my hair it gets all messed up..what should I do?

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    my hair is like that too. what i would do is after you get out of the shower let your hair air dry a little, then apply a curl defining mousse and scrunch it, this will define curls and get rid of frizz. if you do that then you can leave it as it is, or add in some more curls with a curling iron. it works for me, also you can still straighten your hair too. (i use panteen pro-v curl defining mousse and it works great) :)

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    Don't brush it out when it is dry....

    Use mousse or gel to pump up the curls a bit when wet...

    Or you can blow dry it and the curls will have more volume, but not on hot setting..warm is best

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    Either make sure your hair is completely dry before you go to sleep. Or sleep in braids. Then you'll wake up with beautiful waves.

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    dont wash/condition your hair twice a day...it actually dries it out and makes it more hard to style because all the natural oils needed arent there

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    deep condition ur hair n apply a hair serum after straightening.

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    well maybe you should try to blow dry it...and if you put lotion in you hair it actually moisturizes it so you do that b 4 you blow dry it...and then once it's dry straiten it.

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    Use hair spray..

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