MusicMasterPro, is it legit?

Hello, i am asking my mom if i can buy MusicMasterPro, and she says it isn't legit, i was wondering if anyone could explain to her by simply posting resources i cant check out the website and get others to influence her into buying me this, it's worth 29.95 $, so if someone could please check it out.... thank you!

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    MusicMasterPro Guitar Lessons

    by Eric Harrison

    How often do you find a music program that fails to deliver on thirty guitar lessons promises listed on their sales page?

    Then proceeds to deliver extremely well on one promise.

    To the extent that the one fulfilled promise is worth the price of admission alone!

    As you will see, that despite my many reservations, I think the MusicMasterPro guitar lessons package is value for money.

    Especially if you want to learn to play metal guitar, start writing metal songs straight away, and get signed within 30 days!

    If you want to go further and learn to play not only metal guitar, but also bass, drums, keyboards, samplers, recording software---and write and record your metal songs at the same time---this is great value for money.

    But before we get there, let us just look at the Musicmasterpro guitar lessons program.

    Purchasing is very simple. You are buying from Clickbank and it only takes a few clicks to buy.

    Accessing the programme very is simple. You are given your entry details on the thank you page. Enter your details and you are in. Easy.

    Navigating the site is very straight ahead and well labelled.

    What You Get With The Guitar Programme

    The first thing I did was downloaded all the guitar lessons videos and went through and watched them all. They were easy to watch and it easy to clearly see what the hands were doing.

    There was only 25 minutes of content. If Musicmasterpro was for guitar teachers who could fill in the blanks this would be a good thing.

    But for beginners having to join the dots on their own, that is insufficient.

    The content offered could have been doubled and more emphasis on showing the presenters chops at slow tempo.

    Jay Dynasty mentioned "you wan na do this (speed stuff) you gotta do this (the metronome stuff)". Beginners take a while to believe that stuff. And a video demo or two of the really slow metronome stuff would help the beginner and give a live model for them.

    Here are the guitar lessons that came with the guitar programme at this date. The resources are: 17 Beginner Metal Videos, 4 Acoustic Guitar Audio Lessons, 21 Metal Guitar Audio Lessons, 10 Jam tracks, 5 pages of harmony theory and 2 pages of rhythm theory.

    In addition you are offered 24/7 e-mail and instant messenger support.

    As a beginner Metal guitar programme I rate this programme favorably.

    I rate the quality and usability of the material highly. I rate the video presentation highly and the content medium high (because of previous comments). I rate the audio content as above average and the text content at average.

    While there is work to be done in these areas, what is offered are good starters. The absence of step by step lesson plans is a possible weakness and for someone who boasts over 20 years teaching experience, providing stepe by step guitar lessons should not be a big ask for the webmaster.

    Apart from the moveable E chord shape, no other triads are taught. For a power chords and octaves style like metal this is not an issue.

    In my view the main weakness of the programme is that the undelivered promises are promoted and the delivered one is not.

    If that were reversed, the programme would be stronger. And reviews easier to write. And the value easier to communicate.

    I mentioned the undelivered promises again. Here are just three promises missing in action:

    1. Learn how to play guitar like Jimmy Hendrix and more 2. Learn how to play guitar like BB King, and more 3. Learn how to lay guitar like Carlos Santana and more

    To see the complete list, click on the link in the resource box at the end of this article.

    So who does this programme suit?

    In my view the types of players who would get great value out of the inexpensive Musicmasterpro guitar programme are:

    1. The Beginner Metal Guitar Player 2. The Beginner Electric Guitar Player 3. The Experienced Non-Metal Guitar Player

    But is that the end of the story? Does Musicmasterpro offers you far more than just guitar lessons?

    Find out more in the next article entitled Musicmaster Pro Music Instruction

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