how do i download pictures from my email box to a cd and how do i save the pictures in my computer?

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    Are you using web mail (yahoo, hotmail) or a client (outlook)?

    On the web mail, there should be somewhere you can click and choose download (or just click the picture icon itself).

    On outlook, right click on the attachment and you can pick "save" or "download" as the option.

    Either way, just remember where the picture is being saved on the computer.

    Once it is on the computer you can BURN it to CD burner. I am assuming you have a burner. You need to start up the burner software (like Nero or Easy CD creator). And drag and drop the files onto Nero or EZ CD creator.


    You asked a simple question but you are asking alot.

    Good Luck.

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    You can just click on the picture and a dialogue box appears 'File Download' saying 'Do u want to save or open this file?' Choose 'Save' and then save it in the folder u want and then Click 'OK'. The picture will be saved.

    **If u are not able to click on the picture or u dont have the pointy figure cursor appearing when u move the cursor on the picture then do this:

    The picture itself comes in the mail if u have the new windows live mail. But you have to save the picture. You can do this like this:

    ---Right click on the picture.

    ---Click 'Save Picture As...'

    ---A window box comes named 'Save Picture'

    ---Choose the folder where u want to save it in 'Save In:'

    ---Name the picture

    ---Click 'OK'.


    Step 1= Save the images you wish to burn to a CD in their own folder on your computer.

    Step 2= Open the folder where the images are located.

    Step 3= Insert a blank CD into the recordable disc drive on your computer.

    Step 4= Choose 'Open Writable CD Folder' when a window pops up asking what you would like to do with the CD. You should now have two windows open on your desktop: this one, and the folder of your images.

    Step 5= Go to "Edit," then "Select All" on the menu bar of the folder containing your images.

    Step 6 = Click on the selected images and drag them into the writable CD folder.

    Step 7= Select "Write these files to a CD" beneath "CD Writing Tasks" on the left side of the window.

    Step 8= Name the CD when requested to do so, then click "Next."

    Step 9= Allow the CD writer to complete the burning process, then remove the CD from the drive.

    NOTE(FOR CD BURNING): If you prefer to use another program on your computer to burn the CD, follow steps 1-5, then right-click on the images. Under "Send to," click on the program you wish to use.

    Source(s): My source for the cd burning was:
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    With the email containing the pictures, right click on the picture and select Save... If an attachment, right click on the attachment and do the same.

    Once on your computer, then you can burn them to a CD.

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    fastest way is to right-click from the image file and select "save as.." or "save target as.." or "save" which ever that appears an option in your machine, then just choose the destination to save it.

    must have to burn it to CD/DVD:

    ~you must have a burning hardware (CDR-W or DVDR-W)

    ~a blank CD/DVD or a multi session disc (previously used)

    to burn:

    ~you can drag and drop, or copy pasting it to the CD/DVD path. this way the let default microsoft(assuming you have windos OS) foler/file burnign do the trick for you.

    ~if you have a burning application (nero, Ashampoo,cyberlink, etc.) use it and click the icons you need. drag drop the files, or just hit "add file" and you can click and add the files you need to burn.

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    Click my pictures in your e-mail screen. You will get thumbnails of all pics in ur mail box. Right click the picture u want to save. click save. agree the place u want to save the pic.

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    It develop into probable downloaded on your "My information" . in case you probably did no longer exchange the call of the receive , it quite is going to be indexed by potential of date of receive and the call your uncle used . click on initiate > My laptop > "C" force (?) > information and Settings > My information . it quite is on your "My photos" additionally ? desire this helps you out ?

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    Do you have a PC or a Mac? What kind of software do you have?

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